About Us

Lifestyle HF Boot Camp does one thing better than anyone else. We deliver professionally designed and lead fitness programs directed at fat loss and muscle toning. All workouts are performed in a fun, safe, high intensity group training program. Since the start of Lifestyle HF Boot Camps we have opened our door for our members to engage with and learn from our top instructors. 

As a growing health and fitness brand we feel that we have a greater responsibility globally and locally to the clients in our communities that we serve to build trusting relationships in and out of the fitness center. Which is why we believe in getting involved with our communities and contributing locally whenever possible. That's what our message is all about. So when you attend a Lifestyle HF Boot Camp you can expect a clean, friendly and fun high energy environment that is great place to build your health, your fitness and your circle of friends within your community.


I lost the extra 40 pounds and then some. I am at weight I never thought I'd be at in my life.


The biggest influence of this program is the coaches. Coach Adrian is a big part of what has shaped me. Physically he pushes me, teaches good form and helps me get better.

Our Mission

Our mission is focused on streamlining access to professional and trusted health and fitness guidance on the go from anywhere in the world.

Meet the Coaches

Allie and Adrian are the two head coaches for Lifestyle Health and Fitness.

 Adrian has been coaching for over 10 years and has taken advantage to seize every opportunity to learn and become a better trainer and coach. He has worked hands on with over one thousand fitness clients in Boot Camp, CrossFit, Cardio Boxing and Kickboxing, Strength and Conditioning in addition to the sports specific training camps he runs every the summer. Adrian had a Bachelors in Biology and Bio-Engineering Certificate.

Allie is a phenomenal athlete that focuses her training on CrossFit and Olympic Weight Lifting. One of her largest strengths is her ability to help people get dedicated to healthy nutrition and clean eating that propels their members progress out of this world. Adrian and Allie met a few years ago and have taken on the challenge together to change lives and teach people how to live healthier and happier. Allie        will be graduating with a PsyD spring 2017.

Want to see more of what these two are up to? You can follow them on Instagram 

@adriangrodz and @livlaflift88

We Give Awesome Perks To Our Members

All First Time Boot Camp Members Receive 1 Month Free Of Online Training At LifestyleHF.com
All Fitness and Nutrition programs are available in the  Fitness HQ .

Home Video Workouts


Videos of workout routines you can complete while at home, work or traveling. These effective and challenging workouts will push you to grow into a strong and lean body. Most of these workouts are able to be completed with little to no equipment.

Flexibility Videos

Videos of flexibility and mobility sessions that range from 7 to 30 minutes. These recovery routines will keep your muscles loose and joints limber after workouts and on rest days. Reap the benefits of flexibility and less soreness while improving human posture.

Nutrition Guide


The Guide on true healthy eating that will help your body thrive. This simple laid out plan is easy to follow and comes with many helpful tips on what to buy at the grocery store. Get a flatter stomach, smoother skin, more energy, less stress and a positive mentality.

Challenge Posters

30 Day Challenge posters you can print and follow to crush your goals. These challenges build up each day and can be used in addition to the workout videos and boot camp. You can choose holiday challenges or focus on body parts like glutes, legs, abs and arms.

Skills n' Drills Library


Library of all the basic movements, explanations and modifications. So whether you are a fire-breather or a fresh born fitness fanatic; this library can be used to scale home workouts to your ability. Also check out extra drills to practice at home to get stronger.

Member Only Articles

These videos and articles are created specially for you by our coaches. They will help you expand your knowledge and learn fresh new tips on building and maintaining your fitness. Exercise tips, seasonal trends and motivational advice from experienced leaders.

Private Facebook Group

Connect with other Lifestyle HF members and share your success stories. Meet other people that are fighting through the same struggles and triumphs, listen to advice from long time members. Community support, tips on shopping, products, supplements and motivation when it matters most.

24 Hour Coach Support

Direct access to our coaches with questions on any workouts, nutrition or training plans. Simply send them an email and they will return your message within 1 day. Don't be left in the dark - the LHF team was created to help you succeed.

Lifestyle Health and Fitness. Denver, Colorado 80234

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